Humor is an under-appreciated tool for engaging employees and building resilient cultures. Many leaders have to work on it.

Thomas Schalk

Millions of workers decorate their workplaces, employers offer free coffee and cozy sitting areas, or hire a feel-good manager. As we are spending a large part of the day at work, everyone likes to feel as comfortable as possible. A crucial factor, however, is the relationship between employees and their supervisor. If the relationship is good, it leads to greater motivation, greater worker identification, and better performance. Humor, can be an important tool for leadership.

Funny people have an advantage: they not only look more likeable, but also more self-confident, relaxed and content than grouch. Characteristics that employees appreciate about their supervisor.

That is why they especially trust a humorous person to be in a leading position.

Leaders with humor can build stronger cultures, unleash more creativity, and even negotiate better deals. “We hear from young leaders about the incredible pressure of being the face of their organization,” says Prof. Jennifer Aaker. “Many struggle because they hold onto the false dichotomy between bringing humor and taking your work seriously. The right balance of gravity and levity gives power to both.”

Also encourage your employees to laugh more

Showing laughter and humor is good not only for you as a superior, but also for your employees. Anyone who laughs forgets their worries and remains mentally flexible.

Allow your employees to laugh – including you and the company!

In this way, your people can vent and easily rid themselves of dissatisfaction. Important: Stand over it and laugh with it, even if it is difficult. Ultimately, it will increase your self-confidence and your status as a boss.

An most important it will bond your team!

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